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Jun 5

The less of a fuck you give, the better of a life you live

Pepople are cunt’s

I’m watching the Dr. Oz show and he just asked a audience member if she would like to live to be a hundred. To which she responds by saying “under one condition”, SHE HAS A CONDITION?

Seriously why doesn’t Dr. Oz Yell at this stupid bitch, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STUDIO !!!!!!!!!!

The gym

If your at the gym and your shirt matches your pants, Your probably a ASSHOL” - me

People watching at the gym has quietly become one of my favorite pastimes :-)

I’m A DIE HARD Redsox fan but when your team is loosing 16-4 You have to find pleasure in the little things

"Weddings are annoying. The food sucks, and if neither person is willing to spring for an open bar, it’s a sure sign that the marriage itself is going to fail." - Chelsea Handler

I’m Going to 3 or 4 weddings this year, HINT HINT

Apr 9

"Never trust Someone, who’s trying to convince you how much fun there having"

 Ever notice your “Friends” on Facebook that are always trying to convince you how cool there life is.  You know the one’s I’m talking about, the Trendy guy who is always bragging about hanging out with D-list celebrity’s. Or the Not quite cougar but just a little to old Girl who hangs out at all the cool clubs.  I have ALOT of friends like this and even though there decent people (for the most part) I feel they all just need a really big hug.  

P.S. I know I’ll inevitably be this person in five years but at least I’ll have witty things to say :-D

Apr 9
You should know, I have a Unhealthy relationship with my dog :-)

You should know, I have a Unhealthy relationship with my dog :-)